Innovation in the world of WB-EMS
The EMS method allows a simply revolutionary workout! It simultaneously involves the agonist and antagonistic muscles, as well as the deep muscle layers of the whole body by allowing an intense and effective training!! Up to 90% of the many muscle fibres are stimulated.
Novelty: Data collection - Biofeedback
The high-efficiency and high-performance electrodes of the smart suit not only send the pulse to the major muscle groups, but also allow the collection and decoding of important parameters of the state of health/biofeedback.

An innovative suit

Which are the data that the smart suit can read and transfer to the console?


HR Heart Rate

It allows you to accurately monitor your heart rate during the training with the smart suit.

HRV Heart Rate Variability

This data determines the ideal level of physical activity that the body can sustain at the time of measurement then prior to training. According to this parameter you can decide whether to carry out a strength, endurance or recovery training.
Under medical certification.

BR Breath Rate

The smart suit allows you to accurately monitor your breathing rate during training.

A smart suit.

High-efficiency and high-performance electrodes
Comfort fit
Made in Italy
Textile and health certification (certificate n.14900116)
Internal production and Know How
Washable in washing machine
6 sizes available
Freshness treatment
Anti-bacterial yarns
Long lasting
Easy maintainance

Custom Programs

Creation of programmes with custom-made parameters for every need.
Different management of the CHRONAXIE for each muscle group.

The main goal is
your well-being.

Scientifically proven professional treatment and training protocols. Nothing is left to chance.

Increased performances

Everyone confirmed an increase in daily performance.

Quality of life

A significant increase in the quality of life.

Psyche e Attitude

A positive development on the psyche and on positive attitude.


A pleasant increase in overall tone.

Are you a well-being expert?

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